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The University of Pennsylvania is conducting a 6 month research study to learn more about helping people to increase their physical activity through walking. 

For a full description of the study and answers to commonly asked questions, please see our FAQ below. This information is also included under the "Help" tab during enrollment. 

All participants in the Way to Be Active study will be asked to download the Moves App onto their iPhone or Android device. The Moves App is an application that records the total number of steps taken each day, similar to a pedometer. Participants must be willing to carry their phone with them while walking (in pocket, purse, arm band, etc) and to complete a short survey after the first 3 months. All participants will receive compensation for enrolling into the study and completing their surveys. You may also have a chance to earn more incentives by simply walking more each day.

If you have any questions about this study, please contact the study team directly. You can reach us at:

Email: UPennActive@waytohealth.org
Phone: 215-746-4010 

We're excited to help get you more active!

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Please save these instructions below on how to download and connect the Moves App on your iPhone or Android device.  This way, if you have any trouble with this step during the enrollment process, you will have instructions handy.  

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  • How to Download and Connect the Moves App on an iPhone v1/29/14
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